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Important Details You Absolutely Cannot Overlook While Planning Your Dream Wedding

BLOG  -  06 December 2021

There are so many components in planning your own dream wedding that you cannot help but miss out some of them in the process.


However, there are major details that you must plan for and this article hopes to help you understand why they absolutely cannot be overlooked. Are you ready?

Let's Get Started!

1. The Little Things Matter

Providing cute hair and floral accessories for your bridesmaids and flower girls. Not forgetting matching boutonnières for the groomsmen.


Every bridal party have their own matching colour themes and well coordinated outfits. However, your little capable helpers deserve more for the hard work they will put in on your special day. Show your gratitude with small tokens of appreciation for them, and at the same time enhancing the vibe at your wedding. 


  • Bridesmaids


Prepare some loose hair florals, matching hair accessories or go even bigger with floral crowns and wrist corsages! 


  • Groomsmen


Prepare some floral boutonnières and pocket squares. Your handsome groomsmen will definitely appreciate them. 


Always remember, a little goes a long way and your helpers will definitely appreciate how included and special they are to you.

2. A Personal Touch

A personalised touch and a warm welcome for your guests


Create a thoughtful warm welcome for your guests with small gifts that will make the whole experience more memorable. Consider wedding favours such as personalised scent bottles, hand sanitisers, mini scent diffusers and countless of other options that appeal to you. 

Another big plus, a nice backdrop or photo showcase in the reception area for your guests to take nice photographs that they can tag you on social media. Of course, don’t forget safe distancing measures! 

3. For The Special Ones

Prepare gifts for your parents and your new in-laws


Prepare gifts for your parents and your new in-laws. These people are the most special to you, remember to make them feel appreciated even though they are probably just happy to witness your beautiful union.

Make them feel special by giving small gifts like a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers or any gifts that will mean a lot to them. They will definitely appreciate this sign of gratitude that you are thinking of them while being super busy planning for the wedding. 

4. For The Dependable Ones

Appreciating your super dependable bridal party

Champagne on Ice

Every couple have their carefully selected and capable bridal party members in the form of bridesmaids and groomsmen. These are the closest members of your tightly knitted circle that assist you from the beginning till the end of your wedding celebrations. They put in a lot of effort and time voluntarily to help you create your dream wedding, and they definitely do deserve to feel loved and appreciated. 

Therefore, don’t forget to host a dinner or a party with them or maybe prepare some customised gifts and thoughtful packages as a small thank-you for their invaluable help. Another popular suggestion, a post wedding party to just spend time with them and express your gratitude. 

5. Going The Extra Mile

Small tokens of appreciation for the people working tirelessly behind the scenes

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-04 at 7.14.21 PM (2).jpeg

Although rare, some couples show their gratitude to their venue manager, florists, other vendors and miscellaneous helpers with red packets or small gifts for their top quality service and indispensable advice that helped them fulfil their dream wedding without a hitch.


Of course, that is if you want to go the extra mile and appreciate them for their work. 

We Are Done!

Thank you for reading our carefully curated blog post. Remember to enjoy your special day, spend time with your family and loved ones. Have a wonderful day and our team wishes you a blissful and memorable wedding.

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