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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding in Singapore

BLOG  -  21 October 2021

Your wedding date is fixed and it is finally time to plan that dream wedding that you have always wanted, but where and how to start? 


Your wedding is probably the most significant and detailed event that you will ever create yourself. Planning can be overwhelming, but with a little help, it is not as difficult as you first thought it would be. Time to sit down with your family and closest friends, follow our checklist and let’s do this! 

Our 3-Step Checklist

Flower Arrangement

Big Ticket Items

The most important items to decide on before moving on to the rest of your wedding planning. 

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A recommended timeline from us, to help you plan when to hire your favourite wedding vendors.

Woman with Bouquet

Common Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistakes to avoid, based on past wedding experiences. Staying away from them will give you a stress-free wedding experience.

Let's Get Started!

Big Ticket Items


First things first, working out a budget. 


Weddings in Singapore cost about $35,000 on average, but could go as high as $80,000 (maybe even more). This cost is estimated based on your number of guests and how extensive your wedding will be. Discuss with your partner as it is important to set the right expectations in the beginning. Here are a couple tips to follow.


  • Set an appropriate budget according to both you and your partner’s expectations for the entire wedding. A well rounded budget will allow you to allocate the proper amount to the items you want, but most importantly keeping you away from over spending.

  • Find out where to splurge, save or DIY. This will allow you to have a specific understanding of how your budget is being spent.


  • Setting clear individual responsibilities of the wedding. For example, the bride is in charge of wedding decor and the groom is in charge of the venue details and guest list.

Guest List

Next, creating your guest list. Who and how many guests to invite? Depending on the capacity of your desired venue, it can be stressful trying to fit everyone in. 


  • Create a list of family members and close friends that you definitely must have at your wedding.

  • Depending on your venue capacity, you can slowly fill it up based on the priority of your guests.


A small tip from us, it is always ideal to give both families the same number of guests. Don’t send your invitations too early or too late, 2-3 months prior would be perfect! 

Wedding Theme

Flower Arrangement

Time to decide on your wedding theme. It is the concept that you would want throughout the wedding reception. Choosing the theme can affect what venue you should book. 


If you are going for a rustic greenery/terracotta theme, a bistro venue with a lawn or garden and wood features would be perfect for you. However, if you are keen on a luxurious gold and fairy lights theme, a hotel venue with a grand ballroom would suit you better! 

Big Ticket Items


When should I hire my Wedding Vendors? It is important to start speaking to your desired vendors as early as possible. This allows you ample time to make comparisons and consider their proposals. Wedding vendors, especially for Decor is one of the earliest big ticket items that couples book. Therefore, they can be fully booked pretty fast, especially on a popular wedding date.


Here is the priority of what we think you should book first, and in sequence.

Venue & Accommodation

Venue: Have your venue booked early, as least a year in advance. Book too late and you will have lesser options to choose from. Only after this step, you can start to hire the rest of the vendors. 


Accommodation: If you intend to book a hotel room(s) for you and your guests, do this after your venue is fixed.

Wedding Decor

Wedding decor companies can be fully booked easily, so hire them at least 6 months in advance. You can always put down a small deposit with them to ensure that the date will be available to you before firming up the rest of the details. It would be hard to find another with the similar style that you have conceptualised. 

Photographer & Videographer

It can take some time to find the right one for you, book them early (at least 6 months) as it would be hard to replace someone with the style you want. 

Wedding Planner/Coordinator

If you need one, hire them early (6 months to 1 year in advance) so they can assist in working out the details for you. They are professionals and a big help to keep your wedding planning running smoothly and executed properly. 

The Rest

Hair & Makeup: A talented artist can be difficult to book, do this as early as you can. 


Entertainment: If you are hiring a MC, singer or band, you should book them at least 6 months in advance. 


Wedding Suit & Gown: Check with your tailor to get a timeline on the production, fittings and final adjustments. This will help you allocate your time and manage your schedule. 


Officiant (Justice of Peace): Book the ordained official at least 3 months in advance. A good/popular one can be fully booked 6 months in advance on a popular wedding date. 


Other Rentals: If you require transportation for your guests, you should do that at least 3 months in advance. Same goes for additional tables, chairs etc. 


Miscellaneous: Cake, Wedding Favours, Stationary (etc. Invitation Cards and Welcome Board) are some items you might be considering. These can be settled closer to your wedding date and should be the least of your priorities. You could even prepare some of these on your own! 


So how early should you start planning for your wedding? Our advice is 6 months to a year prior to your wedding date. But everyone have different priorities, such as work and family commitments. Therefore, you may not actually have a lot of time to plan.


The best approach is to focus on the big ticket items first. Enlist some help and the rest of the items will not be as daunting anymore.


Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are the common mistakes gathered from other married couples that you should definitely avoid. Keeping these mistakes in mind can help you better plan your wedding day. 

No Contingency Plans

Having no contingency plans. It is always important to have a Plan B. What if it rains on your wedding day? Your Plan B should clearly outline the steps you need to take, communicate them to your enlisted helpers and vendors on the day itself so everyone can help to work around your Plan B.

Blowing Your Budget

Not setting a budget or blowing your budget. A budget is a foundation that allows you to decide firmly on what you can or cannot afford. Remember to stick to your budget, keep track of expenditure and leave aside an emergency fund (in case of unexpected expenses).

Vendor Expectations

Clearly set expectations with your vendors. It is important to be clear about your ideas and what you envision your special day to look like with your vendors. Share with them your budget and they will be able to advise you about what you can achieve realistically.

Improper Time Management

Improper time management. This always happens and can really cause you unnecessary stress on your wedding day. Talk to your vendors and set a realistic timeline to help with your planning. Ask for help from a close friend/wedding planner to assist with planning your time and keeping you on schedule.

Not Delegating Clear Roles & Responsibilities

Not delegating clear roles and responsibilities to your helpers. Although your helpers are assisting you voluntarily, it is important that they understand clearly what they are doing on your wedding day. Responsibilities such as who is the main coordinator, who is collecting gifts and who is in-charge of décor and guest lists. This will help you to worry less and focus on enjoying your special day.

We Are Done!

Remember to enjoy your special day, spend time with your family and loved ones. Let your helpers run the show and allow your vendors the freedom and flexibility to create what you have envisioned and discussed with them. Have a wonderful day and our team wishes you a blissful and memorable wedding.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid
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